Delivering consistent quality and maintaining commitments.

We at Dutch & Co. deliver consistent quality and maintain our commitments towards time lines, budgets and technical integrity. For this we work with reliable partners and stakeholders that are aligned with our standards and who constantly adept to the market conditions and offer new technologies.

We only source high quality products. As experts in the market, we know the best brands and partners to work with, ensuring that our clients benefit from the latest, most durable and value for money technologies.

We only work with Tier-1 technology providers on a non-exclusive basis.

Below are our current key technology providers for both Solar PV and LED installations

Our Clients

Our clients are most important to us. From the initial discussions, the development, execution and commissioning phase of the projects, to the aftersales, close interaction and constant communication is key in order to deliver on our promise.

Industry Stakeholders

We value a sound working relationship with our industry stakeholders, especially where the renewable energy and energy efficient market is developing rapidly. Public & Private sector engagement on issues like regulations, licences and permits are crucial to create an enabling environment to further grow the renewable energy sector.


In order to be well informed and to be in constant touch with the market and the industry, we are actively engaged in developing and growing the renewable energy sector. We are active members of the following organisations

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