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In 2020, breast cancer accounted for 31.8% of all reported cancers in Ghana according to a study in BMC Women’s Health. What’s more, the majority of breast cancer cases were in their advanced stages at the time of diagnosis. Yet, studies show that chances of survival from breast cancer are higher when the cancer is identified during the early stages of the disease.

For this reason, breast cancer awareness is important in the fight against cancer. At the end of October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month –  Dutch and Co joined the cause and partnering with the charity, Pink for Africa, organized an awareness session for staff and contractors on our largest work site.

The initiative was well received by everyone.

Business Administrative Assistant, Lucy Owusu-Boakyewaa who attend the event said, “The doctor’s talk was very educative. I was exposed to several means of observing changes in my body that may or may not be symptoms of breast cancer.”

Project and Contracts Manager, Joseph-Workman Anvuur added, “The session was vey insightful. Prior to this session the notion that men could also suffer from breast cancer was lost on me. I am glad to have been educated with this important piece of information which is often missing in conversations about cancer in our society.”

Project Management Assistant Amma Gadzekpo spearheaded the initaitive. She said, “It was an honor to facilitate this information session and especially to collaborate with a medical professional in order to deliver life-saving messages. Breast cancer is a cancer that I feel is often overlooked by our local communities. One thing that stood out to me was how much more of a fighting chance early detection provides.”

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