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Today, Dutch & Co is proud to unveil a new-look logo that marks a pivotal phase in the company’s 12-year history.

Dutch & Co. Ltd., suppliers and installers of solar PV and LED lighting products, has earned a robust reputation for quality, thanks to our work with clients such as Nyaho Medical Centre, MTN Scancom, Fanmilk Danone, and Total Energies.

The new logo is an evolution of our well-recognized current logo. Explaining the revamp, Dutch & Co General Manager, Mr Herbert Friese said, “We are proud of the company we are today, and grateful to long standing clients for choosing to work with us on their projects.

“Dutch & Co. has enjoyed respectable growth in recent years, despite challenging economic times and our new logo reflects our desire to continue offering what we’re known for, which is excellence, while embracing new technologies, new ways of working and new business opportunities.

“Our new logo sets the stage for the next exciting era in our corporate journey. Additionally, our slogan is bigger and sits above our brand name, highlighting the impetus for us to come together to “LED’s Go Solar”. We’re delighted that many more major companies in Ghana are taking up this cause and are wanting to learn how Dutch & Co. can help them switch to solar. Not only will a switch to solar and LED lights be better for the environment, it will also reduce significant operational costs.”

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