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LED Lights and Solar Energy a “No Brainer” for CWT Commodities Ghana

In 2002, when CWT Commodities (then Sitos) was establishing its Ghana-based operations at the Tema Freezone, the company turned to Dutch & Co for LED lighting to reduce the cost of electricity consumption.

For its offices and warehouses, CWT Commodities Ghana (CWT) required a substantial quantity of LED bulbs and fittings. Ten years on, the company has seen a significant cost saving, with at least 30% of the original bulbs still in use. Not only have the LED lights lasted much longer than standard bulbs, they also radiate less heat, an important factor in the warehouse where flammable materials are stored.

In 2014, CWT expanded their energy-saving efforts by adding 120 sqm of solar panels on one of their roofs.

Explaining their strategy, the Managing Director of CWT Commodities Ghana, Dirk de Bruin said, “As a global company that’s invested in panelling 120,000sqm of our 140,000sqm space in Amsterdam, we are not new to the idea of LED lights and solar energy. So when we were building our office and warehouse in Ghana, we knew we wanted to use sustaina-ble, renewable energy; it was a no brainer.”

Thanks to the LED lights and solar panel installations, CWT has seen a decrease in power usage despite the growth of their company over the years. Now this year, CWT hopes to add more roof mounted solar panels in an effort to keep pace with company growth and potentially supply energy to neighbouring businesses.

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